Ensure the Hiring Process is Fair.

By running record checks on employees, employers can ensure the hiring process is fair and equitable. This gives everyone a fair chance and keeps employers from discriminatory practices based on age, gender, race or other protected classes. Checking records also provides employers with an opportunity to separate fact from fiction. For example, some applicants may claim to have certain qualifications when they don’t actually have them or aren’t eligible for them. Doing a thorough records search can uncover any discrepancies between what the applicant claims and what their records actually show.

Maintains a Safe Workplace Environment.

Another benefit of running record checks is that it helps create a safe work environment. Knowing an employee’s background history can help employers proactively protect their staff and customers. Records searches can help determine whether an employee has a criminal record or any reports of violence or aggression in the workplace. These results will help determine whether employers should take extra precautions when hiring or monitoring employees and help keep everyone in the workplace safer.

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